Leisure and Service

Food & More


The new restaurant, located on the first floor with a view on the pool, offers a particularly sophisticated cuisine with a variety of tropical fruit buffet for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are served at the table, except for appetizers, side dishes, desserts and fruits that remain included in the buffet. You can also discover the flavours of the local cuisine ordering grilled seafood and fresh lobsters, with reservation and for a fee. During the week a typical Kenyan evening is organised and you can taste very good and local dishes. A la carte service is available on request and for a fee.



There is a bar near the pool in the centre of the village and a refreshment point on the beach.

Swimming Pools

The resort has two pools, one for adults and one for children, located in the centre of the village and surrounded by the green tropical garden.

Free Time


During your stay you can take advantage of a local soft entertainment program suggested by the resort. The activities may include day and evening entertainment, starting with morning exercises to continue with water aerobics, various pastimes and different evening local shows. The resort also offers a small library and a TV area. In addition there is an agreement with a diving centre to permit you to do snorkelling in the nearby coral reef.



Inside the Resort there is a wellness area for massages and little braids.


The private beach of fine sand is equipped with typical African sunbeds. There are not umbrellas because the beach is part of the Malindi Marine Park and it’s not possible to change the environment. However, there are lush plants that offer the right shading. Beach towels are available to guests. 

Excursions Centre

An excursions centre is open every day at set times. The staff is available for any information and for reservations of many excursions, tours and safaris that are even longer than a night and decided on site.


The reception is open 24 hours a day and Wi-Fi is available in this area. The resort also offers the opportunity to buy Kenyan phone cards that permit to call all countries at a low cost. There is also a laundry service, rental cars, motorcycles and taxis, for a fee